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basics... I write in VC++ 6.0. I am trying to develop a
MMP (massively multi-player) 3D game. I dont think the theme and concept are important. But I need some input on a direction of a few things. Oh by the way, I am creating a software renderer before I create the DX renderer. I seem to do better writing in a Win32 App rather than and MFC App. I dont care for the "stuff" that MFC produces, and not to mention real-time graphics are easier to do without MFC, so it seems.

Firstly, networking. I know there are 2 ways of computers communicating over the Net. Direct connect and datagrams. My game is going to need an FTP to send graphic files to the clients. Is FTP a direct connect? Should the FTP be on a seperate thread outside of the main program? And then, should I use a datagram or cycle direct connections to transfer up-to-date information. I know the size of the information being sent is an important factor. I think the Game Dev book I have says about 80 bytes. I think I can do packets in 50 or 64.

Secondly, texturing polygons. It seems there is no "easy" method for doing this without DX. Seems it has to be done pixel by pixel. Most 3D programs I have seen use JPG. Why? I have choices between bitmaps, jpegs, and my graphics, which is simply an array of colors. I have tested file sizes of each with the same picture and it seems my files are smaller. And I could make them smaller. I know I could. But, what are the pros and cons? Making an editor for my graphics files is simple. If I have to texture a poly pixel by pixel I need an array of pixels to track from anyways.

Thirdly, ordering. Of the books I have, which 2 of 3 are about DX, one uses qsort. I tried but could not get qsort to work. So I need a way to sort polygons from further out to closest. In other words by z value. I cant slow the rendering process down too far. Right now it is fairly good, but I dont render pixel by pixel just yet, which means no texures. Also it draws the polys in the wrong order so there are lines in objects that shouldnt be there. I need some ideas or direction for this.

As I said, I dont know if these topics belong here. They are related to game development. Anyways, any input is greatly appreciated. If I have a decided direction on these topics, I can go forward. Any game needs good background information before you can produce the "nice" parts of it.

I would like to dicuss the full concept of my game with someone, but it would take many lines of text, may not be appropriate here. Not to mention, I would like to get my idea out on the net before someone does it before me.
There is so very very much involved with writing a MMP 3D online game. And I am fairly new to VC++. So I am learning as I write.
Thanks again.


  • I can't help you with most items, since I believe there are people out there who are far more experienced on them. However, I may help you on qsort. Since qsort is the fastest (known) sorting algorithm, you should try to get it to work. But instead of programming it yourself, I believe it is available in one of the MSVC6.0 header files as a template or as a library function. If you can't find it there, it should be available online, and if you can't find it there I might give you the code (which I don't have here).
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