Why is my simple voodoo graphics faster than a rivaTNT ???


I'm a man from Hungary. I've got a problem with my 3D cards. It's the next. I've two 3d card. A voodoo graphics (Diamond Monster PCI 4M) and a riva 128 (ASUS v3000TV AGP 4M). I know, these aren't enough now, but these are. These are in an ABIT BH6 motherboard. The riva128 are nearly twice fast than the voodoo graphics when I draw nearly 6 megapixel by 30 polygon(DrawPrimitive calls in Direct3D). (It has 100MHZ AGP frequency setting in the BIOS.) But if I draw nearly 6 megapixel by 5000 polygon(DrawPrimitive calls in Direct3D) then IT'S PERFORMANCE GO DOWN TO THE HELL. And what is more, my voodoo graphics laugh on these 5000 polygon call. With numbers: the riva128 draw nearly 6 megapixel (with 30 drawprimitive calls) during approximately 80 milisec. The woodoo graphics does it during approx. 150 milisec. And if I draw 6 megapixel with 5000 DrawPrimitive calls, then the time of the riva 128 is 800 milisec (TEN TIMES !!!), and the time of the voodoo graphics is 160-170 milisec. The time with 5000 calls of the voodoo is more than the 30 calls, but it is justified. BUT I DON'T THINK THE TIME OF THE RIVA128 WITH THE 5000 CALLS IS JUSTIFIED.

This performance going down DOESN'T EXIST when I do NOT use a texture on the polyon(s). I always take care that the texture is in DDSCAPS_VIDEOMEMORY|DDSCAPS_LOCALVIDMEM.

So, I cannot sleep and a can't eat and I will DIE if someone won't help me. What is with the riva 128 ??? Oh, the last. I saw this thing on my friend's rivaTNT. In this case the slowdown isn't so much like the riva128's slowdown BUT EXISTS. My code is FASTER on a poor voodoo graphics than on a rivaTNT. WHAT IS IT ???

Sorry, for the poor english. I learn it just now.

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