How To Make Pallette in Paint Program

Greetings people,

I know this may sound stupid or so, but I have heard that

for some demo purposes I could make a pallete in some

paint program that supports it, instead of making some

file with array of RGB values. How can I do that?



  • Huh? You mean a paint-program that supports seperate .pal files? I dunno, maybe gfxpaint2. But what I always used to do is output from my paint program as 256-color .pcx files, and then just steal the palette from them. (iirc the last 256 bytes are the palette... or maybe it with one extra trailing byte, i forgot).

    The Watcher^TUHB

  • no tailing byte, the pal is just the last 768 bytes of the file (r,g,b,r,g,b,r,g,b etc)

    or export as tga, wich is few bytes pal (forgot how much, prolly 18 or so), then raw data, then 768 bytes pal

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