Dont know how to make one EFECT???

I know many efx, but i realy cant find out how one is made. It is some sort of transformation. Like when you have 3 points a they sucks the picture in the background insiideways...

Looks like tube efx, but you have 2 or more tubes and they can suck one anothers...

It is realy hard to explain...

IF YOU Know something Mail ME at !!!

Please, if ya dont know what i`m talkin about, mail me anyway , i can send you 256byte long com file presenting this effect, i tried to trace it , but it is to hard to understand the code...

THANK YA for yer time of your life...


  • mail me..

  • try this:

    move 3 tunnelmaps along the screen, and adding their values together.

    u = u1+u2+u3

    v = v1+v2+v3

    this worked for me.


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