All you ASM programmers out there who have some free time,

(that's at least 70% of you) if you are interested in

helping with a relatively small project, please contact me.

It will be a demo written in 100% ASM, I hope to try out

some things that haven't been tried before, and it could

be interesting for all of us (at the very least a learning

experience). The project should last about 2 months (maybe

more, maybe less, most likely more, but you don't have to

commit yourself to the full time) and will involve mixing

together some things that have been done before, and many

that have not. If you are an experienced ASM programmer,

or just a newbie hoping to learn from others without

attaching yourself to some poor coder like a lampray, you

might want to join the team. (If you are a computer artist

then this could be a way to have your work shown off).

You can find me at:(if you want details or if you want to



ICQ UIN: 29376102


  • i am not asm coder but we need for programmers ...

    excuse me for this one that i type but we need asm one programmers ...

    for our new crew named ASCEND ...

    also you out there please a mail to me

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