Text in graphics


How do i display text in graphics mode.



  • Two methods:

    1. use the dos bios interrupt calls to display your text in the standard dos fonts (in pascal this would be very easily accomplished by doing a directvideo:=false);

    2. create your own font-routines (this second method makes ofcourse way more sense), that just draw every single character by putting pixels in the right place.

    The Watcher^TUHB

  • Hi,

    On booting your machine, the bios loads an standard

    font image to your memory. I think there

    is an interrupt routine which gives you a reference

    to the font. Or the font will already load on

    an default address.

    Note: This font has 1 bit per pixel.

    Anyone i had the same problem, but i never solve

    it. :-)

    But i hope, i could help you a little bit.

  • : Hey...

    : How do i display text in graphics mode.

    : Thanks

    THATS VERY easy!

    Make a procedure (in pascal anyway...) to take a string on enter... Loop like this:

    procedure writeMe(string_name: string);

    var no : integer;

    hehe : char;

    For no:= 1 to length(string_name) do


    hehe := string_name[no];


    mov ax (?) , hehe....

    the bios call to write a char...

    check in helppc if you don't know it...

    or mail me...



    And you have the string on screen....

    some x,y coords vill be needed and colors...

    If you would like to have my proc... (It's working)... mail me, and maybee we also can trade some code... / JeZeX

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