you MUST read this! (free item included)

You may have heard the term "Starving Student". That is what I am. which means I have no employment. That is my problem :P

I am sure at least ONE person out of 30,000,000+ people (didnt count them, just estimated) in the world is not happy with the software he/she receives OR he/she just wants something no one has done.

This is where I come into play. I will be able to create custom software for you at a reasonable price. If you dont believe me, ask me for a sample and I will make one for you.

You wonder how I send the software?
You have two choices. I can mail it or email it.

You wonder how you can pay me?
You can send a cheque or money order to me.

Now I am not going to reveal my mailing address to everyone.
If you really want to participate, send an email to

The reason why this is posted in the "Jobs wanted" board is because I love computing, and creating software and plan to have this as a business.
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