Better Combo Box

I have a combo box, and in there is (obviously) a list of items.

By default when you select an item from the list, nothing happens. For anything to happen, a button must be created to "submit" the selection.

I have seen combo boxes that do not require the button, but; now that I want them, I can't find them...and...I have seen one that uses JavaScript and creates it's own ComboBox, but I was trying to avoid JavaScript if possible.

Does anyone know how to avoid using the button and JavaScript? If JavaScript is unavoidable then could someone post a good link (or source) to a ComboBox such as the one I speak of.



  • 1st: Happy new year.


    I think you can use the following code:

    Goto 1st MyPage
    Goto 2nd MyPage
    Goto 3rd MyPage


    the Netherlands...

  • Thanks, it was very close to what I wanted. I know I never specified what I wanted; so this was good. I thought it would be too technical to explain my situation in specific detail. This was enough information however to set me heading in the right direction...and eventually I came up with this:




    the key part being : [code][/code]

    the rest is pretty much the same (with some php)

    just in case anyone wants to see how this was used;
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