PHP/mySQL teacher-consultant wanted

I'm a graduate engineer learning to program in Komodo/PHP/mySQL/Apache in preparation to launching my own commercial site. I do not feel comfortable doing the learning or the launching without some backup, and think I could learn faster if I had access to someone who could help me learn and, when the site is up, solve the problems from time to time.

I have all the above installed on my Win98 machine, which I attempt to use only as a development environment, and won't use as the web server. My wife and I own, which is hosted by CommuniTech. I expect we'll use them as the host for my site too, but we'd be open to ideas about hosting.

I would email or call you only when I just can't figure something out despite online tutorials and my books. Then, when I am about to put the site up, I probably would want you to review it, and then as problems arise that I can't handle, help me with that.

You do not have to be able to read or write too good in English. We could use sites like We would mainly be writing in PHP and mySQL anyway.

The site will be a database-based specialized directory with credit card transactions.

If you are interested, please state your terms and how you like to interact. If not interested, I would be interested in any name/s you might care to suggest.

I am already having some problems getting mySQL to run on my machine, so it would help if you are familiar with setting up and using the above programs in that way. Are you?

If not, I might be interested in switching to some other development environment that you suggest.

Will Gaines
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