music in demos

hi, firstly i have to say sorry for my bad english,
I am a musican and i would like to know in which format the
music in the most demos is? i heard something about tracked

thanx thalis


  • I'm no expert but many demos use xm, I've seen a few that use mp3 also.

  • :I've seen a few that use mp3..

    is mp3 not to big for these small demos?

  • : is mp3 not to big for these small demos?

    depends on what you call a demo. nowadays many demos use mp3, opengl and sometimes even java. a modern demo can get up to 10 or more MB. so mp3 is very common. xm format is still widely in use though. And many (if not all) democompos have separate tracked music categories. there are a few other formats in use, for instance s3m and mod. s3m is a lot like a xm file, you can have lots and lots of channels (32 or 64?). and mod is of course THE standard for 4 channel music. there are also surprisingly many people still making music for the C64 in SID format. Wich is nice, cause it still sounds the best :)
    It all depends on what you want to do. if its a full demo, use mp3. if its a 64k or even 4k intro, use something smaller. in the 4k case you probably have to generate the sounds yourself.
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