Quality Software Outsourcing

SoftBureau LLC, a russian off-shore software house offers high-quality outsourcing software development services and Web design solutions at excellent rates for both large and small projects.

Our core competency include Internet/Intranet solutions, e-Commerce, CRM, Information System, Databases and more. SoftBureau's specialist are experienced with a broad range of programming languages, DBMS and standards such as Java, VB, XML, JSP, ASP, Access, mySQL, Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server and others. We use industry-standard CASE tools, IDE and testing tools, and adopt in our practice RUP and SEI-CMM.

SoftBureau's strength is based on the team of experienced software engineers and programmers with years of proven excellence in solving advanced tasks and focusing on the needs of each customer. Our distinctive style combines the best practices of software engineering, advanced tools for development, and recognized industry accepted quality assurance measures.

Learn more about SoftBureau and its services at http://softbureau.folksnet.com/ . Feel free to contact us with any questions at marketing@folksnet.com .

The SoftBureau Team

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