Defining mouse area for rollovers


i have a file called links.swf which contains 5 links. When the mouse rolls over LINK 2, it loads another "swf" to play some animation and displays the sublinks of LINK 2. When the user moves beyond a certain area within which the sublinks lie, i want to replay the animation and load back the original links file. i have used the following script to define the area.

topy = "50";(variable defining the topmost y postition)
downy = "115"; (variable defining bottommost y position)
startDrag ("_root.sensor", true);
ypos = getProperty (_root.sensor, _y );(trap y position)
if (maths.abs(ypos)downy) {
play (); (plays the frames of the animations and loads
back the original links file)

but this script is not working though it is not showing any errors. pls help me if u can.

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