Hello, I need some advice!! Please!!

Im 17 years old and all my life I've always had this fantasy of becoming a video game
designer like you guys. I never thought this goal was attainable, and now I'm really
hoping there is a chance. Next month I start college fulltime, the only problem is I
dont know what classes to take. I was wondering what kind of class do I take to begin
the learning process to creating these masterpiece video games that are being created for the consoles today. If anyone
can help me in any way, any advice at all, I will be the happiest person in the world.
Thanks alot for taking out your time to read this



  • I'm not a console game designer, but I may be able to provide a little insight. The first thing to do is to be able to at least create games on the PC, learn about the architecture of different types of games, real-time strats, action, first-person, etc. They're not all too different, but it's good to have variety. Once you have the basics of game design down, then you can decide on a console platform (PS2, X-Box, whatever). The difficult part will probably be learning about the architecture, learning how to optimize, and so forth. Programming languages themselves don't differ much across platforms, that part's usually left to compilers, except in cases where optimization requires low-level knowledge.

    As far as getting into the game designing business, that I can't really help with. But for now, focus on classes that teach algorithms, computer architecture and, in the future, computer graphics and, if your college teaches such a course, game design.
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