Bitmap Rotation (i have checked other posts)

I had a look through all the examples, and i read many previous posts on the matter, but one thing seems to elude me.
I want the bitmap to rotate around its centre (or atleast appear to be doing so). Ive been playing around with the formulas and i cant seem to get it right.

if( (new_x > 0)
&&(new_x < ScreenX)
&&(new_y > 0)
&&(new_y < ScreenY) )
Pixel = PixelGet(source_screen, source_x, source_y);
PixelPut(new_screen, new_x, new_y, Pixel);
PixelPut(new_screen, new_x+1, new_y+1, Pixel);

The idea i have is to have a "screen" which holds various images. I take segments of that screen and reprint them onto a regularly updated screen, this way any errors are not cumulative. To solve the gaps in the image problem i just print the image twice with the second 1 pixel down and 1 pixel across from the first, this keeps it looking nice.

However when i change the angle, the image just creates rings on the screen, it is rotated correctly, i just need it to be repositioned accurately.

Any help is appreciated :)

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