Please help me how I can make this functions?


I have task to make two PHP functions:

1. To clean HTML file of all HTML tags and to separate all words with maximum 1 blank (space)
2. To clean result from first function of some 'ignore words'

For example: If somebody call:

$content = function1 ("test.html");
$content = function2 ($content, "ignore.dat");

And if content of test.html is:

This is title

Some code here

This is text

After function1 result in $content has to be:

This is title
This is text

And if I define ignore words in ignore.dat as "This" and "is" I have to have result in $content:


I can solve problem by classic way - split line by line on some characters <, >, ... but always I can miss something and this can take a lot of time. Can somebody help me how I can solve this problem using regular expressions.

Thanks a lot


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