Is there away to retrieve the source code from only the .EXE file?

IM a newbie to programming and only started 5mnths ago.
we had to do a assignment which was about a lottery prgm.

they only gave the .exe file and we had to create own source code.

I've done the job but isn't there a away how to retrieve it
easier, coz my prgm didn't work exactly like the lotto Assignment ?



  • It is impossible to retreive C/C++ source code from an executable. Think about it; why would the source code be needed by the CPU anyway? The C/C++ gets turned into assembly, which is almost exactly translatable to the data used in the executable. You can retreive the assembly if you want, but I doubt you'll be able to read it unless you've worked with it before.
  • The only possibility is if the program was compiled with Debug information with it..... So, using the same compiler you would be able to Debug the program...

    See ya!

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