creating an array of instances of a class

i am getting errors when i try this code:
//* *//
//* a program which will eventually be a blackjack game, right now i only want it
//* to make an array of 12 cards called hndDealhand[], initialize the first card,
//* and output that card's number and suit *//

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import java.awt.Font;
import java.awt.Color;
import java.awt.Graphics;

//a class for cards
//member variables:
// char suit;int number
// Card(char s, int n);
// initializes suit to s and number to n
// char getSuit();
// returns suit of the card
// int getNumber();
// returns value of the card
// void setSuit(char s);
// sets the suit to s
// void setNumber(int n);
// sets the number of the card eual to n
class Card {
char suit;
int number;
Card(char s, int n) {
this.suit = s;
this.number = n;
Card() {
char getSuit() {
return this.suit;
int getNumber() {
return this.number;
void setNumber(int num) {
this.number = num;
void setSuit(char s) {
this.suit = s;

public class blackjackv1 extends java.applet.Applet implements ActionListener, MouseListener, MouseMotionListener {

// font that outputted text will be
Font f = new Font("TimesRoman",Font.BOLD,36);
// the array that i am trying to make
Card hndDealhand[] = new Card[12];
// set the first card's suit and number to 'h' and 1
hndDealhand[0] = new Card('h',1);
// buttons for later, right now they do nothing
Button btnHit = new Button("Hit");
Button btnStand = new Button("Stand");

// initializes the buttons which don nothing right now
public void init() {
btnHit.addActionListener( this );
btnHit.addMouseMotionListener( this );
btnStand.addActionListener( this );
btnStand.addMouseMotionListener( this );
addMouseMotionListener( this );


// outputs the number and suit of the first card in hndDealhand
public void paint(Graphics g) {
g.drawString("Dealer hand: " + hndDealhand[0].getNumber() + " " + hndDealhand[0].getSuit(), 0, 30);


// action functions, right now they all do nothing

public void mouseDragged(MouseEvent musEvent) {
public void mouseMoved(MouseEvent musEvent) {
public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent musEvent) {
public void mousePressed(MouseEvent musEvent) {
public void mouseReleased(MouseEvent musEvent) {
public void mouseEntered(MouseEvent musEvent) {
public void mouseExited(MouseEvent musEvent) {
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent actEvent) {
please help me.
executive idio


  • : i am getting errors when i try this code:

    Wanna elaborate on what the error is?

    "Faith alone, won't sustain us anymore."
    -Faith Alone, Bad Religion

  • : : i am getting errors when i try this code:
    : Wanna elaborate on what the error is?
    : "Faith alone, won't sustain us anymore."
    : -Faith Alone, Bad Religion
    The error are: ']' expected
    hndDealhand[0] = new Card('h',1);
    ^ expected
    hndDealhand[0] = new Card('h',1);
    ^ class blackjackv1 is public, should be declared in a file n
    public class blackjackv1 extends java.applet.Applet implements ActionListener, M
    ouseListener, MouseMotionListener {
    ^ cannot resolve symbol
    symbol : class hndDealhand
    location: class blackjackv1
    hndDealhand[0] = new Card('h',1);
    4 errors

  • Your errors fall into two groups: the error on line 53, and the errors on line 60.

    The error on line 53 means exactly what it says. You're only allowed to define a single public class in a given source file, and the name of that class must be the same as the name of the source file. The mismatch could be a case of capitalisation - Java tools tend to be case sensitive, including the compiler.

    The errors on line 60 are caused by the fact that you're trying to execute a Java statement without being in the body of a method. You can declare fields within the body of a class (they are instance variables) but you can't execute arbitrary pieces of code. You should put the code in the init() method or the constructor.
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