New Online RPG/Action game

Hello, I am Graphic Artist Intrested In starting a new development team to make a Online RPG/ Action Game. Any Programmers, Artists, WebMasters, etc. are welcome to email me at . This game will be a Isometric about 60 degree angle Online game. I am setting up getting a server to host our Online game. In near future even Security Moderators will be needed so If this intrest you at all please Email me. Sorry there is no pay involved but you Will have MOD powers when the game is released and trust me I will take all Input from anyone on the team so the game is decided by "us" Im going more for the World War 2 Setting, but of course that's up to the majority of the team. if you don't think i have enough info please reply so I can add or just email me.

P.S. If you have a strong foundation in C++ programming Please email me we need a head Programmer.



  • i can program in C++ but i dont have a lot of experience or knowledge of C++ graphics programming. I am willing to learn though. email all info to and let me know what i can do.
  • i also do a lot of html and some javascipt, but i may have to brush up a little (its been a while).
  • I am a man of many Ideas, and always of many more. (Ideas come all too often). Unfortunatly I am usless in C++6 when it comes to OOP (Object Oriented Programming), and spelling. lol.

    Any help that you might be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.

    In return, I can provide consultation, oppinions, and innovative ideas.

    Thanks for your time in reading this message

    Ja Ne
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