ok i need this reallly really bad. If anyone could help me it would...

be most appreciated.
Well i have kind of an old type of comp. And my monitor is kind of small. I have this program that when it it opens up it covers my entire screen. And it has a button i have to click on the bottom in order to operate it. But i can't get to the button cause the program is too big. And when i try to resize my like windows thing, it wont let me. So i need a program that makes program windows a smaller size. a sixe in which i can actually see the top and bottom


  • Hi,
    The thing is you don't need a program. If that window has a title bar, and at least a close button you could try pressing ALT+SPACE and then pressing M. That would open window's system
    menu and activate Move menu item. Then use your arrow keys to move window up as you like. When finished press ENTER and the window will stay at that position.
    here's the shorter version of the above:


  • But thats not working. i need a program thst makes it smaller

  • In my first reply i told you how to move a program window so you could SEE that button of yours, so you could click it.
    That just doesn't make sense what you're saying. You can't do that easily to a window.
    Try to set up your screen to some higher resolution, otherwise i don't know how to help you. :(


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