Need Info for Playstation AR and Comms Link FAQ

Hey everyone,

It seems that there are bunches of questions out on the net about which AR's can be reflashed and which ones can't. I've also seen questions on which PC Comms Link to buy. So ... I've decided to make a little faq about what works and what doesn't.

What I need is a little help. I need as many emails about what works and what doesn't as possible (more info = less questions). So, if you could, just shoot me a little email with the following info:

Name of AR,Gameshark,or equivalent:
What version is it?:
Are you able to flash it?:
Where did you purchase it at?:

Name of PC Comms. Link:
What Company makes it?:
Where you able to link up with the PSX?:
Where did you purchase it at?:

What Combination did you use/find best?:

Send emails to:

or you can just reply to this message (an email is preferred).

If you're not sure about one of the questions just leave it blank!

That's about it! Sorry for the long post. If you don't use the AR+Comms Link and use the Xplorer/equivalent, feel free to email me too! Like I said, the more info the better.

As soon as the faq is finished (soon hopefully), I will post it here or email it to whoever wants it.

Bill Greenwood

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