Web pages not refreshing

I have a folder on our intranet server in which the pages do not refresh. In the ASP code I have response.expires =0 and I have set up IIS to have the pages in that folder expire immediatly

I still get errors that have been fixed. If I rename the file then it works fine. All the code in the file is valid.

I have also changed my setting in my browser to check for a new version every visit.

Our server is a win2K Small Buisness server running IIS and the ISA server, which as far as I can tell has be set so that web caching has been disabled.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


  • If I am not wrong, there's some Content expire settings in the IIS server as well, have you checked those settings?

    Also, try use a different browser to help you locate where the problem is located.


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