I need a little more Apache help

I am trying to run Apache Web server locally on my Linux box. It has no connection to the outside world.

As it stands now the web server is installed and working. If I go to http://localhost/ I get the web page confirming that Apache is working. If I attempt to acces any other location on the machine such as http://localhost/home/username/public_html I simply get a URL not found message. I have looked through the httpd.conf file and can't seem to find anything that differs from the information I have gotten out of some books and the web. I can look at anything I want browsing the machine with the browser (file: /home/username/public_html) but this simply displays the contents of whatever file happens to be there. I need to access locations on my machine through the web server. Any suggestions????

Thanks for your time,
Tom H


  • A) make sure the user's directory and public_html directory's have the permissions 755 to allow full access to the user and read and execute to the web server.

    B) on linux apache usually uses
    for the directory

    Hope this covers all your current problems

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