need help with 3d graphics

Hi all,

I am associated with a research group at cleveland state univ,ohio, working on the lungs.I am supposed to make a 3d model of lungs on computer.I am using MATLAB for this.I know 'C' programming language and little bit of 'C++' too.I am a novice in 3d graphics programming.Actually I have done some 2d stuff in 'C' just out of my own interest.It is here that I need your advice and help.

Before going further you may need to know the structure of the lung.It is an inverted tree type structure ,with approximately 10 million inverted 'Y' shaped hollow branches.I know the coordinates in 3d where these branches are placed and the length and breadth of these branches.

Infact I have even drawn the 3d line diagram with these coordinates.All that remains is to replace the lines with the specific size of the cylinders,with the axis of the cylinders at the lines passing thru the coordinates.I am stuck up here.please guide me about doing this .Again I am using MAtLAB because after drawing the figure I can easily rotate it .If you know any other better software for doing this kindly guide me about that too.

I want to know how to draw cylinders between two points in space,with aline passing thru those 2 points as the axis of the cylinder.If anyone can help me out!!

I will be very thankful to you.
Hoping for a positive reply.


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