polygon clipping


Id like an explanation on the Z clipping stuff showed in the book " cutting edge 3d game programming with c++". Heres the scoop:

we have 2 points at coors <1,1,1> and <2,1,2> ( lets call em A and B) and theres a vector from the one to the other. somewhere between them, there is a plane called C that any degenerate vertices are supposed to be clipped to. The A point is degenerate and needs to be clipped. to perform the clipping, you shall do the following operation: P = (Bz - C) / ( Bz - Az)

the P means percent of the line that is in the "forbidden area", that is BEHIND the Z clipping plane.

then, to get the coord of the Ac ( the clipped Ax ) you are supposed to do the following:

Ac = Ax + P( Bx - Ax )

and thats IT. BUT, what i need to KNOW is how to handle the expression: P( Bx - Ax )

I have tried to do the P of Bx and Ax, multiply P by ( Bx - Ax ) AND tried to add them to each other, but I dont get the right answer ( I know becaouse Ive tried with paper and pencil, and none of the answers the other methods give me make sense with what the Ac coords SHOULD be. I ASSUME that C = 1.5 because its between A and B. The book doesnt give any hint to where i could place the C plane. HALP!

An answer would be MORE than great.


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