Help :)

I need some help with these...I have just started using Assembler so I'm not quite sure how to do these.

1. A sequentially numbered array of 64 integers has to be defined. The array should be initialized with some values by a loop, incorporated in a separate procedure. Next procedure replaces (swaps) the first 24 integers with the last 24 integers. The main procedure should call these procedures: first to initialize the loop, second to swap the array. Print on the screen the initial array and the result array.

2. Write procedure that deletes element i from an array of 16 integers. Pass i to the procedure in the AX register. After deletion the array should be compressed, i.e. the deleted element has to be replaced by the next and so on. The main procedure should print the initial array, call the deleting procedure and at the end print the result array.

Thanks to anyone that can help me : )

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