Installation problem with notebook


I want to install the redhat 7.1 / 7.2 on my VAIO notebook. I tried it before but failed.

In the Disk Druid screen, it showed that :

You have put the partition containing the kernel (the boot partition) above the 1024 cylinder limit. It appears that this systems BIOS supports booting from above this limit.

In the LILO configuration screen:

/dev/hda8 First sector of Boot Partition (Chose)

use linear mode (not chose as I encounted the error before - BootLoader Error: device 0x0308 exceeds 1024 cylinder limit fatal: sector 23326982 too large for linear mode, try "lba32 instead.)

What should I type in "Kernel Parameters"?

Partition: /dev/hda1 Type: Dos/Windows
Default Boot image "Dos"
Boot label "Dos"

Were they correct?

Or, I need to choose Linux native as the default boot image?

Also, even I can enter to the graphical mode for installation, I cannot set partitions, e.g. I cannot set 130MB as the linux swap, 130MB as the /Boot and the remaining left for linux native. I cannot do that. The only way I can do is use partition magic 6 to set the linux swap and ext2 partition in advance.

But, how can I install redhat 7.2 in this case as it supports ext3.

Also, it cannot detect the floppy drive during the installation.

Any sound advice?

Thanks in advance.


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