If you want to join a team of developers dedicated to turning the Regalia game system and world into an online realm. Visit our site and drop us a line. Here is a brief description of the PNP status. This development is set up similarly to the model Linux choose when developing that system. Our presite is located at the following URL. The true portal will launch at the beggining of November.

Look for our adds soon in the New York Times, Boston Herald, and Dragon magazine.

How Goes IT
(((Standard Jeweled Cost greeting. If you know more of the other person your greeting would change. It varies by lifestyle. ex. If you were addressing a defender of the church you would ask how goes the quest or for one that wanders how goes the journey etc.)))

Regalia is a PNP game although our intention is to eventually bring it to a computer format. As far as Regalia currently stands the 3rd beta is in development and a public release will be available at Portal launch. The system was the most difficult part to design. The world itself had been in development for over 7 years. We wanted a system that would play and simulate life better than the others out there and we didn't want to use what was already available. We never thought a system could be so complex and our first few months were filled with designing then destroying systems. We had some that were fun to use yet didn’t simulate reality well. Then we had some that were great simulations yet no fun to use because of way too many steps involved. We wanted simplicity yet sensibility. What we ended up with was a lot of frustration until we started deeply studying statistics and opening dialog with people involved in mathematics. With the right math we could keep the game simple yet very enjoyable. With the 3rd Beta we have barely touched the system part of the rules. We've been using the same system for about 6 months now and so far we love the results. I can't imagine going back to something else after using our D10 system. That brings me to your other questions. We do use ten sided dice to play. I recommend at least 5 per player. As far as box sets. We are planning on doing full releases throughout the years but the timing involved revolves around economics. We are in this for the long haul and are not looking to make a quick bit of capital and then falling into bankruptcy. Regalia is about making a great game world, system, story, and an international family to enjoy it. The system itself is currently tuned to Regalia but can easily be used for other systems. We do plan on releasing both a Gothic Horror and Sci-Fi game based on the D10 system. The dates on those projects are yet to be determined but the majority of work on them is complete. The system is very "portable" by nature. As far as what we plan for the future of Regalia. I'll leave most for your surprise. We do plan on keeping the core rulebook free in PDF format available for download from our site. We may decide on publishing it as well and selling it along with others around the world but you will always have that core rulebook free option. We are after growing a family, as our primary objective profit is secondary. I'll tell you a bit about the system and maybe a bit about the world from time to time. There are maps and you will be able to ask questions on them and the rest of the system at launch.

The Journey Goes Well (((Appropriate response from Adorame regardless of what greeting I was given.

The secrets of all lie under the fires of life.

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