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OK. weve had an idea. its a really big idea, and it isnt something that you might consider in the slightest bit lame, cos ive seen big ideas on here before that seemed to be just that.

This isnt a job offer, this is me wanting help from ANYONE in what is going to be a, frankly, MASSIVE project. if this thing pays off then it could change the way we think about the entire INTERNET etc.

anyway, enough of that.

ill tell you now that there is hardly ANY profit making potential in this... well, in fact, there is but im not going to take advantage and thats not why were doing it.

but, without giving TOO much away, if you think youre up to giving anything between 1 hour and your life to something that will bring rewards better than money, in my opinion, send a mail to stating who you are and WHY you think you should be involved; eg

Hello, my name is bemment and i want to join your project because i am an encryption expert and there arent many around.

we need ANYONE and EVERYONE.

thanks, bemment.

PS this isnt one of those money making schemes, you dont lay out any capital and there will be no/few returns, other than your name in the history books.

thanks for your time.


  • Hi!

    I'm wondering if you've had any response to this?

    I'm always a bit suspicious about something that is such a "MASSIVE" and "really big" idea ("it could change the way we think about the entire INTERNET"), yet you can't say anything about it. If nobody is going to make any money on it, then why the big secret?

    Instead of being so secretive, tell us something about you - age, experience, background, name - and maybe we'd be more willing to give [b]you[/b] some more information about us!

    Sounds to me like a game or a scam.

    Just a thought...

  • ive only had 2 mails... bit dissapointing.

    theres no reason to be suspicious, im not asking for your money, and its an excellent idea. the problem is, it aint realy my idea, its 'ours' (me and a mate) so he just asked me to ask around to see if any1 was interested. without giving away too much. now ive asked him, i can tell you this:

    its a new form of decentralised networking system. im not gonna tell you the name (but its cool) until i get the copyrite form through.

    as for the money bit, this system copuld be used to make money if necessary. but i think becoming a CODING LEGEND is more important than that. like i say, id like you to mail me so i know youre serious before going into loads o rubbish up here.

    you said:

    Instead of being so secretive, tell us something about you -
    age: me 16, him 19
    experience: lots but probably not enough to get a job for me, hes going to Cambridge University this year to do computer studies. in case you dont know cambridge, oxford and cambridge uni's are considered the best in england, if not some of the best in the world
    background live in Lancashire, England, in a bog standard suburban setting. weve both been coders from, like 4 or something and its not a case of ability for this, its a case of time. and also, i feel that a project for everyone is more likely to bring in the reviews (which is what it needs to get going) than a project by 2 kids. and i hate the establishment. so does he.

    name: im Sam Bemment, pleased to meet you. he's called James Harbin.

    and i can understand why it sounds dodgey, but the best i can offer you in reply is that i aint asking for your money, just a little of your time. you dont have to mail, heck, just ignore this if you want. but if youve got nothing better to do and some talent then please mail and ill give you more details

    cheers :) bemment

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