Double sided PCB

How much on average is/are the tool/s to create double sided PCBs?


  • : How much on average is/are the tool/s to create double sided PCBs?

    Hi James!

    Here's a resource for info on how to make PCBs:

    Radio shack has a kit ($13.99 US) with:

    Everything you need -- two 3x4-1/2" copper-clad circuit boards, resist-ink pen to create circuit patterns, etching and stripping solutions, etching tank, 1/16" drill bit, polishing pad and complete instructions.

    You can check places like and, and no doubt many others.

    Besides what's in the kit mentioned above, you'll need a drill, some razor blades or X-acto knife and, for any serious work, a way to create either heat-transfer or transparent film layouts. You can do these with a laser printer or copier. The tutotial listed above has a good explanation. If you need to make boards that are bigger than the ones in the kit, you'll need a bigger etching tank (plastic tub of some kind).

    Some people go all out with aquarium heaters and air pumps to heat and agitate the solution. I guess it depends on how much of this you plan to do.

    By the way, you can make two-sided boards, but the holes will not be plated-through. So if you have a trace that needs to flip over to the other side, you'll have to solder a through-jumper. No big thing, just something to remember when designing the board.

    I should also mention that there are "prototyping" or "project" boards available that are copper-clad, pre-drilled. You just use them as-is, and solder wires to make connections. Nice for simple, quick jobs.


  • Thanks A lot for all that. It helps.

    Thanks Again


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