TI ASM emulator - copyright violation?

I was wondering if it would be a copyright violation to make an open source TI ASM emulation in C++.

I got the idea just yesterday. It would be quite a job to do - but open source makes it possible.

TI do publish their data sheets and reference guides/instruction sets at their homepage - so technically I guess that it wouldn't matter. But does anybody know something about this.

Another thing: Would anyone be willing to help me out? My idea is to implement all instructions as macros - and to have some global static memory area reflecting the TI processor and its memory. No fancy things as I/O ports, DMA access and timer interrupts as this time. Later on, a parser for machine code could come.

One would be able to test basic algorithms this way. In the 3rd party program from TI - this is actually all that the programmers are allowed to do, which would make this tool very handy for those wanting to know about TI but not wanting to invest a lot of money in the "real" emulator (CC Studio).


  • I think it should not be a problem because lot of other companies makes TI compatible software tools. But of course to be in the safe side try contacting TI before doing that if you are unsure. They should not mind to have competitive products because that would help their DSP chip sales.


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