Preloading Values from Database

I tried to load variables from database using asp. The problem is whenever I check whether all my values are preloaded it get stuck in a loop. Is there any way around so that I can be assured that my script will forward only when all my variables are loaded.

the script was something like this:

loadVariables ("index.asp", this,"post"); // this was written in the first frame of the movie

In the 15th frame I check

if(loading eq "done") {

In the 30 th frame I have text fields which displays the value retreived from the database. In normal circumsatnces when I don't give this condition this runs perfectly well and all my values are retrieved but as I put this condition this stops working and get stuck

In the database I have a field called loading which has the value set to Done at all time. I check if loading eq done then it should move further other wise it should goback and not move futher unless and untill i get all my values

Is there any other way around. Please provide me a possible to get out of this.


  • Why dont you send all variables you need at one time. Or did I missunderstand the question.

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