compiler emulator with dev-c++

hi i'm french newbie and soon programmer
i'm a lot of problems
my computer pentium 300 2d 96 mo windows me
i got dev c++ free compiler but i can't compile with
i dowloaded a lot of source (emulator like xpce , fpce , tgemu)
and too z26 (an atari emultor) dev c++ don't want to compile
i got message errors
exemples :
i got z26 v145 source and i compile the file z26.c

In file included from c:mesdoc~1cc__~1sourcesemulat~1z26v145sz26.c:35:
c:mesdoc~1cc__~1sourcesemulat~1z26v145sglobals.c:13: parse error before `LongDelay'
c:mesdoc~1cc__~1sourcesemulat~1z26v145sglobals.c:13: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
c:mesdoc~1cc__~1sourcesemulat~1z26v145sglobals.c:25: parse error before `*'
c:mesdoc~1cc__~1sourcesemulat~1z26v145sglobals.c:25: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
In file included from c:mesdoc~1cc__~1sourcesemulat~1z26v145sz26.c:38:
c:mesdoc~1cc__~1sourcesemulat~1z26v145scli.c: In function `cli_ReloadStarpath':
c:mesdoc~1cc__~1sourcesemulat~1z26v145scli.c:90: syntax error before `*'
c:mesdoc~1cc__~1sourcesemulat~1z26v145scli.c:110: `q' undeclared (first use in this function)
c:mesdoc~1cc__~1sourcesemulat~1z26v145scli.c:110: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
c:mesdoc~1cc__~1sourcesemulat~1z26v145scli.c:110: for each function it appears in.)
In file included from c:mesdoc~1cc__~1sourcesemulat~1z26v145sz26.c:39:
c:mesdoc~1cc__~1sourcesemulat~1z26v145sgui.c: At top level:
c:mesdoc~1cc__~1sourcesemulat~1z26v145sgui.c:45: parse error before `gui_DrawChar'
c:mesdoc~1cc__~1sourcesemulat~1z26v145sgui.c:45: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
c:mesdoc~1cc__~1sourcesemulat~1z26v145sgui.c:46: parse error before `gui_Line'
c:mesdoc~1cc__~1sourcesemulat~1z26v145sgui.c:46: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
c:mesdoc~1cc__~1sourcesemulat~1z26v145sgui.c:47: parse error before `gui_Font'
c:mesdoc~1cc__~1sourcesemulat~1z26v145sgui.c:47: warning: data definition has no type or st


with other sources it's rhe same thing !

if anybody got the solutions thanks to mail me to

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