I have 2 questions :)

I have a freebsd computer set up. I disabled lots of services in the inetd.conf file. That turned off almost all the services i did want. But ssh, smtp, and sunrpc are still on. There is also submission, kdm, and x11, but im not sure what those are for, and if i can turn them off. Well, i was wondering how i could turn off the services that are not in inetd.conf.

My second question is this. I have a router set up. It has 3 computers hooked up to it, all getting the internet, 1 freebsd and two win 98s. Because of this, lots of the services i want to work with my bsd computer dont work. For instance, ssh. I cannot connect to the bsd computer through a remote computer. I tried telnet and it also does not work. Im pretty sure it is cause of the router. Does anyone know how I can fix this? It really angers me and i would love to fix it.


  • I don't know much about routers (I just use a cisco router *shrug*), but I know what kdm and x11 are. X11 is XFree86, the graphics portion of most Unixes. KDM is a graphical login manager and window manager selection program. You can disable them if you don't need graphics.

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