Programmer Genius Wanted

Looking for a coder who’s prepared NOT to give up the day job. In short, anybody out there who’s a bit clever when it comes to morphing, algorithms, 3D object and engine programming, artificial intelligence and facial recognition etc…(so we’re not exactly asking for much here) and is looking for a pet project (an entertainment product based on avatars) to fill some spare time.

UNFORTUNATELY there is no money in it at the moment, because us lowly artists are just about managing to feed ourselves, let alone having to fork out for a potato sack to cloth a fellow programmer. However, it is a top top idea (I know, they all say that – but it is) and we do have interest in it, we but only need to get this ship to fly.

Are you that pilot we’re looking for (please say you are) ?

If so then get in touch



  • i am game.

    I can do only systems side programming: C,C++,Unic,scripting,Perl: Thanks

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