Need help with button/clip scenario

I am trying to create a button that displays PAUSE when the movie is running, when clicked, it pauses the movie and displays a PLAY button. When that is clicked, the movie resumes and the PAUSE button displays again, and so on.

This is the code I am using:

for the stop button place the code:

this._visible = false;
playButton._visible = true;

for the play button place the code:

this._visible = false;
stopButton._visible = true;;

select each button and put it in its own seperate movie clip. Give one an instance name of stopButton and the other an instance name of playButton.

select the playButton movieclip and open up object actions. Place the following:

this._visible = false;}


Now the only problem that I am having is that the playButton is not visible after clicking on the stopButton. I must have something wrong somewhere. Any ideas as to what?

I have placed the pause/play button .swf out at this url so you can see firsthand what it is doing:
(includes a link to download the .fla)

The PLAY button does not display when the PAUSE button is is just an empty space!......can someone help please?


  • hi there dude,
    ther is another way to do this and achieve the result you want, could you mail me your fla and i will correct your erroe and also add a scene with another way to achieve the same

    do let me know if this is ok with you


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