Project Warp Needs Programmers...

Hi there,

well I don't know if this is the right place to come to but I'll try: I personally have no programming skills @ all but my colleagues and I want to bring to live a new tweaking utility called "Project Warp". This is what should be included:

- free up system memory (recovery) in Windows (all versions)
- adjust disk cache (min, max, chunk size, name, path, icon, CDFS caches)size
- unload dlls directly
- set swap file size
- conservative swap file usage
- tweak modem settings (maxMTU, Rwin, TTL, session keep alive,NDI)
- enable/disable drive DMA-Modes
- set CPU priority settings in Windows
- enable auto login for windows networking
- tweak ATI Radeon & Nvidia GeForce cards (in all possible ways via overclocking & changing registry entries...)

I know this is whole pack, but if you think you can contribute to this new project and want to earn some money in the future toby turning this project into sharware contact me or visit my site. Hope to hear from you...
Editor-in-Chief & PR-Manager of

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