[ANN] COM Up! 2.0 released

Bitwheel Technologies COM Up! 2.0 released

* COM Up! is the only tool that offer this features. It makes working with components/COM objects/ActiveX controls/ easier and faster.
The user (programmer, web developer or system administrator) has the complete control over all components installed on the system and overview of all their details, data and functionality.

* COM Up! enables you to view all the components registered on the system, find and repair not working components, clean up the registry, view all details for each component, and much more.

* COM Up! solves the problem of getting thorough details about interfaces, methods and properties and other component's functionality. It lets you view all the data and functionality some component contains, including all the types (interfaces,coclasses,..), methods, properties, variables, etc.

* COM Up! is used by programmers who are using or developing components, by web developers who use components/controls on the web sites, or system administrators who maintain and want to improve systems running Microsoft Windows.

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