Need a little help for a fool using PERL


  • sorry, i forgot about that webbs is html allowed. Ok here it is again i need to substitute a space character: "&.nbsp"(yes i know that's not right but other wise you would see a space), for " "(actual). But only when "&.nbsp" is within an HTML tag. So replace this:


    with this


    How can i do this?

    I used a "." to "turn off" html tags in this doc.

    : What i have to be able to do is take input from a user, place it in a string, and than take that string and substitute all "" for " " that are within an HTML tag, something like this:

    : i have the string:

    : hellohi

    : i need to change it to:

    : hellohi

    : Can someone help me with this?

    : Thanks

    : -Code


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