ATT: MELISSA & Everyone else

Hi thanx for your code you gave me tho other day it was really helpful but I have struck a problem it doesn’t read the playlist if it has more than one song lined up in it but if I only have one song in it it plays then stops once the song has completed Can you shed some light on how to make the player read multi songs ( which is what a playlist is anyway =) ) Thanx For Your Help

My playlist: “999.m3u”

#EXTINF:121,Frente - Bizzare Love Triangle
Frente - Bizzare Love Triangle.mp3
#EXTINF:217,Big Heavy Stuff - White As Snow
Big Heavy Stuff - White As Snow.mp3

My Code to load a file

x.DialogTitle = "Load mp3/wma-file"
x.InitDir = "d:Mp3"
x.Filter = "mp3/wma-files/M3u|*.mp3;*.wma;*.m3u"
x.FileName = ".mp3"
If x.FileName = "999.m3u" Then
Dim ListElement As String
Open "999.M3U" For Input As #1 ' Open file for input.
Do While Not EOF(1) ' Loop until end of file.
Input #1, ListElement ' Read data into two variables.
If Left$(ListElement, 8) <> "#EXTINF:" Then
MP3Play1.FileName = ListElement
End If
Close #1 ' Close file
If x.FileName <> "" Then MP3Play1.FileName = x.FileName
End If

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