'image viewer' javascript

I went to www.firingsquad.com and read their review of quake3. I noticed that when i click a thumbnailed picture, a javascript window popped up showing the picture. It also had forward and backward buttons to go through the pictures in the article and it had a close button. How would I implement this into my website? I'd like to learn, not be told the answer. Thanks.

I included the link below. Just click a picture that's in the article and observe. Thanks.



  • First do a view source on the original page to view the javascript they use to open the viewing window.

    Then do a view source of the viewing window to see how they implimnet th ebuttons that allow you to browse bewteen images

    Finally get a javascript book or download on eof the many user guides on the net to use as a reference to the various javascript calls and parameters


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