how to code a chat server?

does any 1 know how to code a chat server

what language to use..and where to find resources

for it..books if any?


  • : does any 1 know how to code a chat server

    : what language to use..and where to find resources

    : for it..books if any?

    uh, are you talking about coding an ircd?

  • Hello,

    I have just started messing around with the sort of stuff you are on about and I am not very advance but I will give you every thing I know.

    Starting off


    I suggest that you learn the programming language Java. I have resently learned it and it has tought me a thing or two about Internet communication. To communicate across the Internet it uses sockets. These sockets allow you to pass information nearly as easily as writing something to the screen.

    What is Java


    Java is an interpreted language that can be run as a program or as an applet. Programming in this language can look difficult but once you get into it, it is quiet easy. If you are going to produce a chat room that will allow an one on the Internet to chat with anyone else then you are going to need to learn how to program an applet.

    applets can be a pain because certian security restrictions ably such as it can only get information within its own directory. e.g.:

    If the applet is running on the web page:

    it can only get pictures, information from that web page and anyone that follows e.g. "ALLRIGHT" "ALLRIGHT" "ALLRIGHT" "NOT ALLRIGHT" "NOT ALLRIGHT"

    remember Internet addresses are just versions of IP address so: "could = IP #" "could = IP #" 431.434.33.1

    and so on.

    The applet security restrictions also effect communication between the applet and an outside source such as another Java program listioning on a remote computer. This because if your applet is running on a web page like:

    then the IP address would be something like:

    IP =

    and if you are trying to communicate to a DOS based Java program which is running on a seperate computer with an IP address that is different to that of the applet then the applet will not open communications to that DOS program.

    If you wanted to create a chat program writen in Java then you would need to learn how to run a server. You would need to check with your ISP to see if you are allowed to do this and then find out more information on this topic (I say it again I am NOT an Expert in this field.) but from what I have read on one web page you need to buy some space for a web site this normally cost somewhere between 5 and 50 (NORMALLY). Find out the IP address of that web site or DNS domain name system and then register it with you ISP Internet service perfider then you need to set up your computer with the web server software.

    From then I don't know shit!. All the Information that I have told you could be worth shit! or it could be very useful. I have learned all this shit! from web pages (mainly from sites that allow you to control devices over the Internet you know like web cams, robots, model trains, lights. If you don't know what I am talking about then just type in:

    Devices connected to the Internet


    Internet controlled device

    into YAHOO!. You could even be lucky and find some more information on the subject of Java and chat servers. Well I hope this information is help full!


  • : does any 1 know how to code a chat server

    : what language to use..and where to find resources

    : for it..books if any?

    to code a chat server, your first step is not to ask questions like.

    how do i code a chat server?

    what language do i use?

    any books around?

    will you teach me?

    its just not that easy... you should learn C.

    I have no idea why i even bothered to post a reply

    good luck to you... >:E

  • For implementing a chat server you need to learn socket programming (GENERALLY LEARNED IN THE UNIX ENVIRONMENT). For this u need to refer to the book "Unix Network Programming, 3RD EDITION. Its an excellent book for starters.

    Just in case u need the complete source code(In C) please contact me after november. I am also trying to implement that. Once I do that, I should be able to help you.

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