Aware users of Microsoft's Windows

Are you having problems with compatability? Sick of blue screens that crash your computer for no reason? Tried of being in the Dark about what your computer is really doing?


There is a new company that plans to take Microsoft head on by producing a operating system that surpasses it in every area possible. This operating system should be out in the next three years but before that can happen we want to know what you want in a operating system. Your ideas will help make a operating system that enables you to do the things you want to do. This is a operating system for the PEOPLE use want not only to get the job done, but a system that doesn't fill up half your hard-drive and your resources.

Please EMIAL nolanda1@hotmail.com to send your ideas. If you wish to do more than just that we have JOBs available as well.

Your help is greatly thanked and we would love to hear from you soon!

Head Of Deparment

Darren Jones

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