Movie Linking

Hi, I have vb 4.0 and i am working on a project where i have 3
different 3d animated movies i need to link together (more will
come later). I need to linke them like so, you press a command
button marked "Start" and the first movie playes, then stops,
frozen on the last frame. The viewer has 2 options, to go left
or right, so they press a button marked "left" or "right" and
if they press left, a video showing the character going left
will play, then freeze on the last frame where more options
will appear.i have a problem, i dont know how to make an OLE
play a movie when you press a button, and freeze on the last
frame, then change to another movie when a certain button is
pressed. I dont know how to use an acive X control to play a
(i only have vb 4 and i dont think it has active x, whatever it is)

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