Upgrade from Red-Hat to Caldera or fresh install

Hi ,

I am trying to upgrade from Red-Hat 6.1 to Caldera 8.
My ext2 is hda4.
Caldera is always responding "cannot mount" when about to check (?) the partitions. I cannot understand what's the problem. The installation has been to "Fool-proof" that it cannot be seen or touch thouroughly.
I also tried to install packages on top of the old ones (instead) but old rpm (3.0.4) cannot access the Caldera files (likely 4.0) .

Finally, I tried to install it on an empty partition that is fifth, after 4 NTFS primary partitions. It says that I have to remove a primary before it can start. Is there anyway to bypass this problem (i.e. create an extended partition using NT tools first) ?


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