What object is ' this' ????

Many elaborate JavaScriptProgram use the concept of "this".
And there I am stuck again.

All my books tell me but in the abstract, that
[purple]"this" would be a keyword that refers to the current object.[/purple]

But I can't make any definite sense of that.

What is a [blue][italic]current[/italic] object[/blue]?
(Isn't "this" itself an object?)

Object -- object --- That robs my sleep!!

There must be something here (about the idea of "object"), which I have not yet fundamently understood.

If by this message, I could get something more [blue][italic][b]"visible"[/b][/italic][/blue]which does explain, what on earth 'THIS' might be.

I was thinking:
If I only had two or three non-elaborate, but
[red][size=4]shortSimpleEasy SCRIPT-fragments,[/size][/red]
with [green][b]"nuts and bolts"[/b][/green], including [CODE]this.[/CODE].
That might be helpfull....

(I am sure, you will have a better idea)

I would be really happy for anything, which could give me a clue to:

"What kind of object ist 'THIS'?" .

Thank you in advance.:-)



  • If you use Internet Explorer and click on a link, you may have noticed it creates a border around it. To stop the border from appearing you put onFocus="this.blur()". "this" is the name of what it is currently effected. If it is a link or a button, it will effect what was clicked.

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