event problem with netscape

hi folks,

my probelm:

i catch the events in my javascript code and with IE and Opera it work perfectly, with netscape I do not event have any reaction.

I put a DIV tag around the part where i want to catch the events kind of this: *div onClick="DoSomething(event);"* ... */Div*

the script looks like this:
function DoSomething(event)

in IE and Opera I alert the event.srcElement.id
this is exact what I need !
Does anybody has a hint for me how to do this in Netscape (at least N6, better N4.xx)

What I intend to do is, i want to write tags like this in the DIV part:*td id="target.htm"* sometext */td*

the JS script should the recognize this as alink a jump to the page. ... and again IE and opera are doing this perfectly.

so please help *G*
thx & bye


  • Well, since it's been forever since I've done DHTML, I'll just give you a site. Go to www.useractive.com ->"Enter Sandbox" and click on the "Learning" tab I think and go to the DHTML section. It should have demonstration code for Netscape and IE.

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