help me to slove this problem

i am trying to build a website in which i like to add a
option of feedback ie, they can sent there comment on my
website to me but i do not kown how to make the message to
be , sent as a mail to me pls help me .can i do this using
an one of html,dhtml,javascript and java , pls send the coding
if any one know it.



  • Try this, It will set up an e-mail link (uses HTML code):

    Please email me

    Of course, you will have to substitute the names to match your own e-mail address.

  • i try it but it giving a error
    this is my pro:

    Please email me

    u'r email add must be sent before sending the mail
    pls explain me more detialy

    thanx for the help

  • I do believe this is cause your browser may not be set up right. You can assume that most people have their email addy in their browser, so it's all ok. Lemme try; send me a URL.

  • oops i have a problem where do i type my message


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