HELP with a linked list problem.

List1 is a pointer to the first node in a linked list. List2 is a pointer to
the first node in a second list. q points to a node in the first linked list.
The initial segment of the first list, that is all the nodes up to and
including the one pointed to by q are to be removed and this segment put onto
the beginning of the second list while the order of the nodes in the initial
segment is maintained. If neither q nor list1 is NIL, then this task is correctly
performed by which of the following program segments, where p is a pointer?

1. q^.Next := List2;
List2 := List1;
List1 := q^.Next;

2. while List1 <> q^.Next do
p := List1;
List1 := List1^.Next;
p^.Next := List2;
List2 := p

3. p := q^.Next;
q^.Next := List2;
List2 := List1;
List2 := p;

a: none
b: 3 only
c: 1 and 3
d: 2 and 3 only
e: 1, 2 and 3

I chose #2. Because there is no pointer p in #1 and List2 := List1 in #3 does
not make since (to me). BUT! #2 by itself is not a choice. Please HELP and
Thank You in advance!

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