Please give me some advices .

our Callcenter store its business materials(e.g. Bank policy, Branch office location ...) on the Sql Server, my task is to build a program that can View and Edit the materials which must be orgnized like a Tree, my program should have two panes, the left pane may using a Tree Control to list the content, and the right pane shows the real materials, what makes this program more challenge is that the material contain some tables made by MS Word or Excel, and they must be displayed properly, and this is the most important reason why i'd like to re-build the program. yes, you maybe confused why i using "re-build", there is one already exist which made by our System Integration Company, they using Delphi to build it, but the user interface is disgust, and it can not display tables or forms properly. There maybe another ways to complete this task, one of them is using the WWW technology, I've already seen this kind of website pages already, but the pages are store in File Systems instead of Database Server, which make it difficult to be maitained by ordinary people. Could you give me some advice? I'll be really apprecicate!
By the way: I can only using MS VC++ 6.0

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