Writing a report from Access2000 to Word2000

I have taken on a task a work of creating a database for one of the departments. Up until this point I have done fine, but I am not a developer and have struggled along the way. But I created a report that looks great in Access, but when I use the SendObject for sending the report via email, I have been using acFormatRTF. But they want more on the report, and the stuff they want doesn't stay formated when it is Sent rtf.

I would actually prefer the report be done in Word, but the books I have all use ADO and my DB is in DAO.

Now, Here are my questions.
1. Can I run DAO & ADO on the same DB?
2. Is there any book that you would recommend that deals with integrating with Word that uses DAO rather than ADO?

Thanks for the help.

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